Maple Ridge Community Church

The goal of Pastoral Care is to assist people in the process of growing in their depth of knowledge of God and to mature in their relationship to Jesus Christ; thus equipping them to be effective servants in the Kingdom of God. Achieving these goals occurs through the work of the Holy Spirit by helping people appropriate His salvation and healing in all areas of their lives. Reaching these goals also occurs as people understand their true identity in Christ, and as they integrate and function in a redemptive manner in a grace filled community.

The journey into wholeness compliments the discipleship process, helping people to become unfettered and free from whatever blocks intimacy with God, and proper relating to others. This means receiving healing in areas of woundedness, repentance and restoration in the areas of sinfulness, and growing to be more like Christ in character and lifestyle.

We seek to help people come to know and live out from their true identity in Christ as a man or woman, in essence, living from the heart Jesus gave them. We therefore point to Jesus Christ as our healer, and the power of His cross and resurrection as the gateway for restoration and freedom from our sins and from the effects of the sins of others. Our ministry purposes to join the Holy Spirit in the work of Christ's Kingdom in the lives of individuals by binding up the broken hearted, setting captives free, and restoring sight to the blind (Luke 4:18, 19).

Permanent healing will occur most effectively in the context of the Kingdom of God. In this context, healing occurs through a variety of experiences such as worship, prayer, fellowship, service, discipleship, and Scripture study. Pastoral Care and Christian counseling are only a few of a variety of potentially healing and discipleship experiences available to the one seeking wholeness. All healing and discipleship experiences are woven into the fabric of Christian life by the power of the Holy Spirit and in accordance with the truth of Scripture.

We also seek to provide healing, training and equipping of ministry leaders, both within Maple Ridge Community Church and in the church at large. Our desire is to raise up leaders to run a variety of programs aimed at healing, restoration, and the development of Christlike character.